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The Ultimate Guide To EDM Festivals In 2024

As we embrace the new year, the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene is humming with expectation for the variety of celebrations booked for 2024.

From the sun-soaked shores of Ibiza to the energetic cityscapes of Las Vegas, EDM celebrations are outfitting to give extraordinary encounters. On the off chance that you're an EDM fan arranging your celebration circuit for the year, here's your exhaustive manual for the must-go to EDM celebrations in 2024.

1. Ultra Music Festival

Ultra Music Festival

Known for its fabulous creation and ritzy setups, Ultra Live concert starts off the celebration season. It's a sanctuary for EDM darlings, highlighting the greatest names in the business and state of the art stage plans.

2. Tomorrowland


Tomorrowland is in excess of a celebration; it's a mystical encounter. With its intricate topics and stages, it draws in a worldwide crowd, offering a mix of electronic music's best demonstrations.

3. Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC)

Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC)

EDC is a bright, neon-lit festival under the desert sky. Known for its fair air, complete with rides and craftsmanship establishments, it's a celebration where imagination and music impact.

4. Creamfields


Creamfields is a world renowned hub for dance music devotees, bragging a few the class' most imaginative sounds and a setup that ranges across different EDM sub-sorts.

5. Mysteryland


As the most established dance live event, Mysteryland keeps on being a trailblazer in the scene. It offers a different melodic encounter set in a fantasy like setting.

6. A State of Trance (ASOT) Festival

A State of Trance (ASOT) Festival

Organized by daze legend Armin van Buuren, ASOT Celebration is a journey for daze lovers. Expect close to home, elevating sets that are inseparable from the class.

7. Sunburn Festival

Sunburn Festival

Sun related burn mixes the lively culture of India with the worldwide EDM scene. It's known for its extraordinary area and dynamic setup, offering a special celebration experience.

8. Electric Zoo

Electric Zoo

Set in the core of New York City, Electric Zoo rejuvenates the metropolitan wilderness with its electric environment and top-level EDM acts.

2024 is turning out to be an intriguing year for EDM lovers with a plenty of celebrations to browse. Whether you honestly love daze, house, dubstep, or any EDM sub-type, there's a celebration out there that takes care of your melodic taste.

Make sure to design ahead of schedule, as passes to these celebrations will generally sell out rapidly. Get ready for a time of exciting beats, entrancing light shows, and extraordinary recollections!

Frequently Asked Questions!

How old are people at EDM festivals?

These celebrations draw in a different scope of participants crossing different age gatherings. While there is no authority information on the normal age, most of festivalgoers will generally fall inside the age scope of 18 to 35. Youthful grown-ups in their mid 20s to mid-30s frequently make up a huge part of the celebration segment.

What is EDM festivals?

EDM celebrations are uniquely coordinated occasions where a few DJs play music without a moment's delay. They can frequently keep going for at least two days and element many DJs. A large portion of you have likely seen such banners with the names of the celebration members written in little print.

Is EDM getting more popular?

The quick development of web-based entertainment ended up being a bonus for EDM. Stages permitted fans and craftsmen to associate more than ever, energizing the class' climb. New Tracks and collections were flawlessly incorporated into audience members' lives with the assistance of all around designated mysteries, trailers, and occasion advancements.

Does EDM have a future?

The worldwide Electronic Dance Music (EDM) market size was esteemed at USD 8933.66 million out of 2022 and is supposed to grow at a CAGR of 7.74% during the figure time frame, arriving at USD 13970.18 million by 2028.